anja puntari

Anja Puntari is a young Finnish artist. Her work is focused on people and pictures and the relationship between the two. As an audio-visual artist who frequently bases the work on already existing material, she is interested in the structures of meaning that are constructed around the images (and sounds) and their relationship to the surrounding culture.
A lot of her works become because of this some sort of anthropological research, collections that contain the codes of the place that the work originates from. The poliedric background of Anja Puntari often pushed her to deal with different ways of expression, such as performance, video, photography.
Her research moves towards a conceptual reading of the visual, thus reflecting on how the human eye can be involved in the visive process, both physically and emotionally. The artist’s work is eclectic not only in the form, but also in the interpretation, trying to offer to the viewer the opportunity to engage in different readings of the same work. In her work she often uses photography and video to reflect on situations of social loss and injustice.

On show at Chan: Pippi, Annika e Linda.
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Pippi 19, C-print, 2008-2009 The way of the flag 17 lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah, Frame of video, 2007 Serie ritratti senza nome, caso 85, C-print, 2007-2008 Telegiornale Regionale (15/12/2007), Frame of video, 2007