Simona Barbera

With a background in non-Western musical studies - Indian vocal - Simona Barbera explored, in several years, the sound as an artistic expanded medium. In recent years she has focused her research on sonic art, paying particular attention to the spoken voice and text, giving shape to sound and visual installations in which the acoustic element enters in relation to site-specific interventions. Through the use of the spoken voice, fragility and absence become catalysts for new potential.
Focusing on theoretical and critical reflections, in her projects Simona Barbera often mentioned environmental issues related to photography and sound, where the idea of vulnerability raises issues related to landscape transformation, loss, power and control. The focus of her research is the idea of subverting the relationship between body and territory as a nostalgic, integral and closed system: borders, security, established orders, power over life and death - in short, the sovereign power.

On show at CHAN: Daphne Cneorum. Something there needs to thrive