ciprian muresan

Ciprian Muresan was born in 1977 in Romania. He lives and works in Cluj.
He conceives art as something involved with the present. His approach is both theoretical and practical. On the one hand, his works draws inspiration from both history and the present time; on the other hand he looks at religion, childhood, history of art, film and literature. Muresan narrates of an aching mankind, describing the paradoxes, the general trends and the absurdities in contemporary society. He also works on a theoretical level, being part of the collective IDEA, which criticizes the concept of neutrality in any ideology (today’s neoliberalism) as a fiction, a term that became fashionable during the post-communism era.
Furthermore, he founded - along with Mircea Cantor and Gabriela Vanga – Version Magazine. He took part in international exhibitions such as the Biennale of Sydney (2010), Venice Biennale - Romanian Pavilion (2009), Peripheral Biennial (2006), Prague Biennale (2007) and Athens Biennial (2007).

On show at CHAN: A Trilogy from Posto-Communism.