marco villani

Marco Villani’s work is focused on models of reality and the concept of identity, is a sort of archeology of the subject and of his biological and social history, to bring to life the fluxes that identify his form and desires. The city is seen as a unitary organism, place of participation and exclusion, where social and psychic stratifications sediment.
From his main exhibitions: 2006, “Not Still Art Festival” Micro Museum, New York; “Emotional Man. Insights Into Beauty and the Beast” CACT Ticino, Bellinzona; 2007, “International Film and Video Festival”, MONA (Museum of New Art), Detroit; “Dislocate 07”, Ginza Art Laboratory, Koiwa Project Space, Tokyo. In June 2009 he will present a solo show at CACT in Bellinzona.

On show at CHAN: ReadyMadeLife.
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Hiroshima 1945, Video Still, 2007 Caduti per la libertÓ, Video Still, 2007 Lexotan Poem, Installazione video+foto, 2008 Ma chi Ŕ Marco Villani?, Video Stills, 2007 work in progress