mirko smerdel

Collages of postcards, that disassemble and recompose the city’s popular image, reveal those processes that lead to a common imagery grounded in our collective consciousness. By creating utopian landscapes, spaces that are possible and not real, the collages are a subsequent interpretation of the characteristic possibilities of this type of imagination.

INTERSTITIAL SPACES: hybrid and Morphing landscapes, mutant architectures and mutant people.
STORY TELLING: to create connection between past and future, new private mythologies.
MICRO-HISTORIES and their relations with political or social power.
AMBIGUITY in perception of reality: to promise to show extra ordinary stories trough ordinary and private views.
MEMORY and ARCHIVE: not only to represent but also to work through a discursive terrain, an alternative knowledge and counter-memory, an archeology and a mental geography of contemporary life.

“Because the document’s raw material is rhetoric, the practitioner has to constantly evolve a rhetoric of rhetoric to make documents yield. This requires more not less imagination, and a vigilance about the relationship between the externality of a document and the subjectivity implicit in the act of reading it different from the norm”.
(Raqs Media Collective, from “First Information Report” 2003)

On show at CHAN: Down by the sea. MythMaking Landscapes.
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landscape036 = Utopic Memory Landscapes - collage di fotografie
trovate cm 28 x 32 landscape040 = Utopic Memory Landscapes - collage di cartoline trovate
cm 14,5 x 15,7 portrait 010 = Utopic Memory Portraits - collage di fotografie trovate
cm 15 x 16 still14 = Angel Hair - video footage di fotografie trovate, 4' 27''