Christian Tripodina – ORCHARD Season #1

from 9/29/2010 to 10/14/2010

“I should be all alone in this world. Me, Steiner and no other living being. No sun, no culture: I naked on a high cliff, no storm, no snow, no streets, no banks, no money. No time and no breath. Then I would no longer have to be afraid.”

Werner Herzog – The Great Ecstasy of the Woodcarver Steiner

This is the first appointment of a project that develops in the course of a calendar year and spans the four seasons. Orchard – in continuous evolution – is both the creation of a housing structure built entirely with materials “found, stolen or exchanged” inside an orchard, and an audio transposition to create an archive of sounds and visions that represent a different perception of the place. Orchard is a container of experiences, in which Christian Tripodina from time to time confronts himself with his daily life, with his personal inclination to get lost, to abandon himself totally to the suggestions of time and place.

Instinctiveness, primitivism, unpredictability are the non-rules that reign in the orchard. An unexpected encounter, the pleasure of a fortuitous discovery give a special value to every gesture, ritual or not, that is made here. To use an expression that is abused, but completely appropriate, Orchard is a non-place, an extemporary space of experience and memory, a catalyst of energies, people, actions. The project realized in collaboration with CHAN analyzes its phenomenal and archival side, leaving out a series of small experiences that cannot necessarily be documented.