Curated by CHAN
critic text by Nicoletta Lambertucci

October 7th – November 20th 2011

Beside a big tuning fork, the artist places other different sized objects aimed at investigating the relationship between sound, objects and architecture – thus highlighting the core of his research.
Sound is the means used by Lampis to approach the external environment surrounding us. Every object turns into the vibration connecting atoms and molecules, a vibration that is both a physical and an acoustic element at the same time. Thus, our deep relationship to objects is transformed into a special connection between sounds, where a complete insight into the matter can only be reached by being willing to “join its vibrancy” and to “get attuned” with it.

Marco Lampis proposes an acoustic vision of the world by means of works that – paradoxically – do not feature sound. The relationship the artist tries to represent is a subtler and more pervading one. To depict this connection, the artist uses images, fragments, clues pushing the audience to reflect on how they get attuned to and approach their environment.
Marco Lampis’ work is made up of pictures or interventions – often minimal ones – inviting the audience to establish a connection with the environment they live in. To do this, the artist uses “both objects belonging to everyday life – mostly scraps and waste, as they recall musical concepts such as echo, delay, noise and improvisation – and photography. This latter allows to embody and highlight the distance separating us from objects, external environment and architecture”.

The nature of Lampis’ exhibition at CHAN is evocative. Its work uses shapes and characteristics of the material as a means of expression in order to reach a vibrancy – both ideal and virtual – inside the exhibition space. The intention of tuning (that collocates between a scientific approach and a spiritual and metaphorical dimension) being implemented in “In order to tune a room” becomes “a way to highlighting the forces (vibrations, resonances) that objects undergo and are surrounded by, as well as the forces filling up a room”.