Marco Villani – READYMADE LIFE

Curated by Matteo Lucchetti

ReadyMadeLife is a Marco Villani’s ongoing project, which takes for CHAN a temporary form. Here a research on predetermined lecture of collective space is declined with different means and modalities, throughout
an analysis of the linguistic code of CCTV. Video surveillance is seen as material for a mapping of the urban texture where the image of life itself is the object of artistic production.

ReadyMadeLife is adapted here to Genoese’s reality, from which a connective texture of recorded images, of social spaces publicly or privately lived appears, which highlights a quotidianity immerged in a net of power relationships, shaping our behaviors and desires.

The very same net explodes in the topographic wallpaper, deprived of a toponomastic that would limit the work to a specific place, in a rhizomatic parade of video stills. The video and the pictures are particular moments of the installation: they stop a visual synthesis of the shooting in the very same moment its happening. The video seems to shortcircuit the whole operation, in providing a kind of hypothetical narration of the raw material, which is edited as soon as it is shot.

Marco Villani’s work is focused on models of reality and the concept of identity, is a sort of archeology of the subject and of his biological and social history, to bring to life the fluxes that identify his form and desires. The city is seen as a unitary organism, place of participation and exclusion, where social and psychic stratifications sediment.