From 9th April to 9th May 2013

Curated by Massimo Palazzi

Interference figures reveals a new and intimate aspect of the SP333 project through an exhibition displayed in the CHAN space. The exhibition is based on a selection of drawings that recalls the experience of SP333 as lived in first person by the artists. The exhibition takes the form of an installation in which the graphic works become the generating elements of a wider system of relationships, underlined by the silkscreen prints and the text. Arranged on a table inviting the public to direct comparison and interpretation, the drawings come together with the recording of a randomly recorded interference during a Skype conversation. The sound – suspended above the board – manifests itself at random intervals and is to some extent indecipherable but also familiar. The audio ideally refers to that dimension of listening, translation and recomposition which is a fundamental part of the SP333 experience.