Going West – Valentina Roselli

Atelier A – Apricale, 9-17 dicembre 2017

Going West is a week-long artistic residency open to experimentation and confrontation with the themes of nature, an opportunity for the Turin artist Valentina Roselli to deepen her research on the theme of plant intelligence. The interest in the world of plants confronts us with open questions that undermine the zoocentric world organization in favour of other models inspired by plant dynamics. Talking about plants means confronting with concepts such as sustainability, adaptation, collaboration.

The different model of plant life, regulated by a structure without prevailing centres of power, puts into crisis (in the etymological sense of the term) our way of facing interpersonal relationships, proposing a different way of positioning ourselves in the world and in relationships.

The artist’s confrontation with the place, together with the material collected during the workshops, was at the centre of the dialogue initiated together with CHAN who curated the residency. The concept of limit, adaptation and rootedness are at the centre of some of the ongoing reflections.

Alongside these, there are also the issues of radicality, understood as an approach to change, of the confrontation between human action and nature. The need for a new confrontation with technology seen as experimentation and the mobility of the present world pose questions that have perhaps new (ancient) answers in the plants.