Ripples, realms, opacities – Ronny Faber Dahl

Leonardi V-Idea & CHAN
I need something to start from. I need a trigger. I start from CODE (Ronny Faber Dahl)

The works right now are stuck at customs. Sometimes we imagine the flow of networks/energy connecting the planet as a flux with no borders…. An illusion of freedom, stuck at customs. Form can become a barrier, stopping the circulation through the network. 

Works born through strings of code, as algorithms that the machine translates into the dense, deep, layered, magnificent images that our eye can perceive. Bits and bytes. Beauty. It emerges on the surface through an interface, becomes visible, light, energy, translates into pigments of color, meets the material that will allow the abstract and immense forms to find a final state to rest in the finite space, to become a place. Embedded information. 

“The genealogy of the algorithm shows that its form has emerged from material practices, from a mundane division of space, time, labor, and social relations”, says Matteo Pasquinelli.  

Algorithms regulate the aesthetic process, algorithms regulate our daily reality. 

Multilayered, deep abstract works, pure light, activators of space, objects never neutral, which relate to the environment that contains them, incorporates them, sometimes rejects them, living in a constant dialogue of matter with non-matter. Everything works as in a system: the body persists as a suggested presence. 

Relations (Love)

Space informed by power (outside) emerges from the semi-abstract photographic images, places that index the real, hints of existing and marginal situations. 

There can be different kinds of spaces, spaces without power, spaces of aesthetic tension, deep spaces of fullness and emptiness, of absent bodies, constructed and beautiful spaces, spaces in which everything rises to the surface and collides. Ties, connections, humble words that curl up next to the works. The surface connections, the information network versus the underground mycorrhizas infrastructure of interspecies interconnection, carrying information across the forest.

“Poetry is an awareness of the world, a particular way of relating to reality”, Tarkovsky said. Poetry frees us from the layers of norms, attitudes, and habits that separate us from artistic work. The poetry inherent to highly experimental processes, complexity which sometimes generate errors and can escape complete control.